Propel your brand to new heights

Your personalized roadmap to Pinterest success

Drive More Traffic, Sales, and Leads 🚀

Let Me Redefine Your Approach

I’ll develop a game plan that will grow increase your stats and bottom line.


Tailor-Made Strategy

A Pinterest strategy as unique as your business, crafted to align with your specific goals and audience.


In-Depth Analysis

I’ll uncover hidden opportunities with a comprehensive analysis of your Pinterest presence.

quick turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Get on the fast track to Pinterest success with a swift delivery of your tailored Pinterest Marketing Audit.

The Audit Process

1. Profile Optimization

I’ll review your existing Pinterest profile and suggest improvements to maximize visibility and outbound clicks..

2. Content Evaluation

I’ll analyze your current pins and boards to identify what’s working, what’s not, and where there’s room for improvement.

3. Audience Optimization

I’ll review your current keyword strategy and conduct additional research to ensure your pins reach a new and wider audience.

4. Analytics Review

I’ll delve into your Pinterest analytics to understand your performance metrics, identify trends, and uncover areas for growth.

What to Expect?

1. Let’s get Notioned!

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive an invitation to sign up or login in Notion, a project management tool. Don’t worry, I will guide you through the onboarding process, which is super easy.

2. Give me the details

In your Notion dashboard, you will provide me with the necessary info I will need to conduct the audit.

3. Wait 2 days

After 48 hours, you will receive your action plan in a PDF format. It will be well-documented, and written in plain English with actionable tips to implement.

Strategy Enhancement 🎯

After a thorough analysis of your Pinterest profile, content, competitors, keywords, and analytics, I’ll have a deep understanding of your current position and potential opportunities.

This insight will serve as the foundation for a robust, actionable strategy tailored specifically to your business.

This strategy will not only aim to boost your Pinterest marketing efforts but also align with your overall business goals.

Pricing Plans

🎁 Select a plan that meets your needs 🎁


For both new and existing accounts looking for the best customized strategy.

What you get👇

  • A step by step traffic blueprint
  • Keywords sheet
  • Expert guidance
  • Email support


DFY Pinterest

Let me do the heavy lifting while you sit back, doing what you’re good at.

What you get👇

  • Keyword research
  • Full account optimization
  • Profile and board cover design
  • 150 high-quality static pins
  • Expert guidance
  • Email/video call support

Get Started

Why Me?

By choosing me as your Pinterest marketing expert, you gain a partner dedicated to your success. I’ll work closely with you, leveraging my expertise and insights to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically to your brand and objectives.

Through meticulous research and constant monitoring of trends, I stay ahead of the game, ensuring that your account stands out from the crowd and captures the attention of your target audience.

#1 📌

I have a track record of growing multiple personal accounts to over 500k monthly visitors in under 2 years.

#2 💥

I’ve spent countless hours studying its intricacies, analyzing patterns, and deciphering the key factors that contribute to success on the platform.

Just one stunning pin could be your gateway to a flood of traffic.