A Dog-Gone Success 🐶

My Most Successful Pinterest Marketing Project in 2023!

This case study examines the remarkable transformation of a Pinterest account for a dog training business, which went from gaining negligible traffic to 80k+ outbound clicks per month, within four short months.

This was accomplished by completely overhauling the existing strategy, focusing on comprehensive keyword research, optimizing boards, and creating high-quality, engaging pins.

781shots so

💡Disclaimer: Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed with the client, the specific URL cannot be shared. This measure is implemented to protect the client’s hard work from potential replication.

5.4 Million

Impressions in the last 6 months

3.2 Million

Impressions in the last 30 days


Outbound Clicks in the last 4 months


Total pins published in the last 4 months


Cost of the project per month


Client’s satisfaction from the results.

The Challenge

My client, a dog training expert and blog owner, had been pinning since 2022 with no noticeable success. The pins, quite frankly, were lackluster, and there was no clear strategy in place. The boards even lacked descriptions, let alone keyword optimization.

  • So, I found myself having to delete tons of unnecessary pins that could affect the future course of my strategy as this activity could trigger the spam filter. (Pinterest hates it when we bulk delete pins 🤷‍♀️)

The Approach

Understanding the goldmine of opportunity in the pet niche on Pinterest, I began with a full account audit. Performing an extensive keyword research, I found that this the dog training niche was super Pinterest-friendly, thus offering a rich avenue for growth.

  • On January 18, 2023, I began a meticulous account and board optimization process.
  • I focused on building board strength before pinning client’s own content.
  • With only four optimized boards, I pinned high-ranking pins consistently for a month.

Based on my experience, I knew that a high-volume pinning strategy was needed if client wanted to succeed fast.

⚠️ Note that heavy pinning doesn’t always equal to lots of traffic. There are a few factors that are to be considered such as the niche itself, amount of content on site, search volume etc…

Luckily, the client’s had a ton of articles published.

This allowed me to post up to 25 fresh pins daily for 30-40 days without repeating URLs too often. But I kept it to 15 pins per day, i.e, 10 standard pins + 5 video pins.

In mid-February, after a month of third-party pinning, I launched the first batch of fresh and high-quality pins, following Pinterest’s best practices.

We experienced an instant exposure thanks to a great board optimization, which helped the algorithm understand what the content was all about.

  • 18 Jan 2023: Project kick-off
  • 18 Jan-18 Feb: 3rd Party Pinning
  • 21 Feb: High-Quality Pins Launched
  • 02 May: 8 Pins Started Going Viral
Pinterest Analytics

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The Viral Wave 🌊

A key period in this transformation journey occurred between May 2nd and May 17th. This was the period when a selection of eight pins suddenly went viral, leading to a surge in outbound clicks and a marked increase in saves.

Each pin was crafted with the intent to provide genuine value and engage the target audience effectively. They aimed to address common questions or training dilemmas faced by new dog parents.

The pin descriptions were keyword-rich and contained compelling CTAs that directed users to click on the link leading to my client’s blog.

The viral pins acted as catalysts, driving increased traffic to the other boards as well.

The ripple effect led to increased visibility and activity across the entire account.

By May 17th, the account had become a significant player within the dog training niche on Pinterest.

Two boards ranked #1 for their main keyword, and this lead to an increase in followers as well.

The success achieved during these two weeks provided further impetus to maintain a relentless focus on quality, relevance, and strategic pinning.


The Results

Immediate traction was noticeable. 5 out of 10 pins got distributed to a couple thousands of users the same day they were published, with the rest gaining decent reach below the thousand mark.

After a diligent and careful strategy execution, I had turned a barren Pinterest account into a buzzing hub of activity, driving 2k+ sessions every single day.

The last 30 days alone have seen a further 5% increase in outbound clicks.

Client also testified of an increase in his organic traffic from Google. It’s proven that social proof can give a sweet boost to your SEO efforts.

What All This Meant to My Client

  • Applied to Mediavine after 8 months of site creation
  • Converted 6 Pinterest users to clients.
  • Generated affiliate marketing revenue from 3rd party companies.

This case study serves as a prime example of how a well-optimized Pinterest account can dramatically drive traffic and ultimately, business results. With precise keyword research, strategic board optimization, and beautiful pin designs, even a struggling account can turn into a successful venture.

If your Pinterest account is not yielding the results you seek, feel free to reach out! 👇

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