Coffee Site Case Study 🚀

How a Coffee Writer Increased His CTR by 343%

💡Disclaimer: This case study illustrates a specific situation; results aren’t typical or guaranteed. Success on Pinterest or any platform requires a well-rounded strategy, with visually appealing content being just one aspect. Each situation will yield different outcomes based on numerous variables at play.

Breathing New Life into a Coffee Site

The Power of High-Quality Pins

Once upon a time, there was a devoted coffee writer with an undying passion for everything coffee-related: brewing techniques, coffee culture, bean varieties, even coffee farm tours. But despite all the effort poured into pinning posts on Pinterest, the traffic trickling into the site was barely enough to fill a demi-tasse.

The blogger had a high impression count on Pinterest, a clear indication that the SEO game was on point. However, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) was so low it could almost touch the bottom.

That’s where my Pin Design Service entered the scene!

The Diagnosis

👉 After conducting a detailed audit of the coffee blogger’s Pinterest page, I discovered a bitter truth: the pins were lame, not enticing at all. The color combinations and text usage were as disarrayed as a cappuccino without espresso. This was an issue because while the pins were being seen by many (thanks to the great SEO), the aesthetic appeal was too low to inspire a click.

The Intervention

👉 Recognizing that a good pin is a beautiful blend of both compelling content and an alluring aesthetic, I rolled up my sleeves and dived into creating a fresh batch of high-quality pins for the next few months.

💡 The Results

The transformation in the client’s Pinterest stats was like pouring hot water into a cup of aromatic, finely-ground coffee: it simply came to life! ☕️

In the span of 5 months, the CTR jumped up by an astounding 343%. The site sessions burgeoned from a meager 11k to a whooping 54k.

This influx of traffic wasn’t just a number game. The increased traffic was so consistent and high-quality that the client qualified to work with Mediavine, a well-known full-service ad management company.

Coffee Blogger's Pin Stats

The Lessons

In the end, the dramatic turnaround of the coffee blog demonstrated a valuable lesson: Beautiful pins are essential. Sure, content is king. But aesthetics? They crown the king.

By prioritizing high-quality pin design, the blogger was able to not only increase traffic but also monetize the blog more efficiently. Just like a good cup of coffee, a good pin should be appealing, should inspire engagement, and ultimately, leave a lasting impression.

And that’s exactly what the right blend of Pin Design Services can brew for you.

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