Credit bank disbursement in loans

Are these allowed or could they be at risk (termination of the loan) if I was/was employed at the time the loan was taken out and quit my job after the loan was taken out, but make my monthly payments in connection with the loan? Can a bank act in this way or does it use it if it does not see the monthly receipt of the money or if the loan is repaid by the loan taken up?

Credit bank disbursement in loans

Credit bank disbursement in loans

The loan would be paid out … The bank’s lawyer declined the reimbursement on the grounds that the person A had to prove the payments he had made so that the amount of the remuneration due for the person A could be calculated by calculating the quota. Only the person who made the partial payments would be entitled to a refund because the processing fee is part of the partial payments.

Because the rest of the money that is actually created out of nothing and thus – including this creation of girl money – the financial loss of a bank in the event of a loan default is estimated to be far too high if one also assumes if one assumes that the banks do not pass on the money from their savers, nor from other banks or central banks, as a loan. A bank’s financial loss is considered too high when it comes to lending.

To consider the guarantees as morally incompatible, since – in terms of the sum – they would not be proportionate to the actual extent of the damage. The car was registered as a security and registration certificate II was handed over to the bank. To get the loan, I (father) signed as a co-owner. I am now the sole borrower for the bank and have to pay the remaining USD 15,600 loan amount.

Real estate liens in the amount of USD 155,000 at the same bank, loans in the amount of USD 500,000 x 2 (balances USD 34.4 and USD 21.5 thousand), a pre-financed building society contract over USD 40 thousand. USD and a KK line of 500 thousand. So we had no possibility to wait for an improved takeover offer if necessary, otherwise, we would have risked that the bank could cancel the credits in advance.

Now the question: can the bank really just go here, and money from the income from a property that did not belong to me, take my credits or force me to sign the repurchase agreements? If the loan is repaid early, the risk premium will not be refunded – not even in part. It is very clear to me that the bank should not suffer any damage from the prepayment.

Repayment of the loan

Repayment of the loan

The cardholder/borrower is obliged to repay the loan granted to him in monthly installments of at least 1% of the total invoice amount, but at least USD 50 (minimum amount). Is the bank allowed to do that?

Is the bank liable? I have now agreed to repay the installments with the bank. The bank refused to do so because it would be a partial payment loan and the bank does not recognize any. To my question: Is there a certain obligation for the bank, for example, to allow installment repayments within 6 weeks?

Since there were problems with the bank due to the required loan, my family man took responsibility for the loan. My family man received a life insurance policy after three years and took out the loan from the bank without consulting me. Now I have sold the pension and my family man is pushing for the loan to be repaid.

The loan was granted and the amount of money was transferred initially in December. I sent the registration papers to the bank at the beginning of January.

This is not the case at the bank


So the loan is rejected and I have to repay the loan within 3 days! Hello, you have a question: in the case of loans, processing fees from credit institutions are not permitted and can be recoverable, but what about if a loan for a sold residential building is canceled early, can the bank demand a prepayment penalty and how much? Can she then claim a processing fee of 300 for each of the two loans?

However, the bank says that it is imperative that I take out debt with health insurance within one week of pregnancy. My question: why do you want this? If so, then my other credit institutions, with which I have business loans, will terminate the loan agreements within a very short time … will they do that?

Is the bank also required to notify the Credit Checker of the termination of the contract if I make a debt recognition to the insolvency administrator ??????? The customer makes a loan. He declares in the voluntary declaration that he wants to reschedule three loans. Two of the loans will be repaid directly by the bank, for the third I paid on December 2nd.

In 2014, based on the decision of the Federal Court of Justice of May 13, 2014, I submitted an application to the bank for reimbursement of these fees. I received a rejection from the bank on December 15, 2014. This loan is based on promotional terms and does not compete with conventional commercial bank loans, but pursues the objectives of economic policy promotion, which have prevailed in the form of particularly favorable interest rates.

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