MDE47: Kathleen Mitchell, VP EMEA for Stella and Dot Jewelry Direct Sales

Minter Dialogue #47

Kathleen Gillin Mitchell, on The Myndset Digital Marketing Brand StrategyStellaDot Logo, The Myndset Digital Marketing Brand StrategyThis interview is with Kathleen (Gillin) Mitchell, a former colleague from my L’Oreal days and now head of EMEA for Stella and Dot, an innovative company, founded by Jessica Herrin, that is built on a direct sales model merged with social and eCommerce. Recognized as one of Inc 500’s fastest growing companies, Stella and Dot is paving a new way with a strong sense of mission and brand (read their manifesto here). It’s an exciting business model. In this conversation, we discuss how Stella and Dot’s model works, the keys to its success, how they manage their social media strategy. It’s a great entrepreneurial story.


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