Interview with Jeremy Waite, head of Social Strategy for Adobe EMEA cc @jeremywaite

Minter Dialogue #49

Adobe Social Media is Worthless, The Myndset Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy

Social Media is Worthless… without a strategy!

This interview is with Jeremy Waite (@JeremyWaite), who is in charge of Social Strategy Consulting at Adobe EMEA. With a strong operational background and practice in building and implementing social media strategy, Jeremy is also great fun. To wit, he is proud to have been a giraffe keeper!  A man of influence, great talent and with a genuine smile, you should relish this interview, where we discuss the hot topics of implementing social media to help drive your business, as well as Jeremy’s key influences.

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Jeremy Waite, The Mydnset Digital Marketing and brand strategy

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Sites mentioned by Jeremy Waite

  • Check out Olivier Blanchard as the Brand Builder on Twitter
  • Guy Kawasaki quote: “Don’t try to make money, try to make meaning”
  • The outstanding article from @MarkRitson about trust in the boardroom – Brand Valuations
  • Bloomberg West is Jeremy’s favourite TV show – roundup of tech from Silicon Valley every evening
  • Fast Company – favourite magazine
  • Mashable – fave website. Bit of a cliché but they are still the best and the quickest to market with the top stories
  • Vine – the new app from Twitter. Outstanding – 6 second videos  Read more here:


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  • @jeremywaite

    It was an absolute pleasure! Many thanks for inviting me on your show. It was quite a wonderful cheese board….

  • Minter Dial

    We're both now officially members of the {cheese} Board of Govs! :)

  • @CL_Constable

    "Social media is better at saving money than making money"

    Great quote Jeremy! Actually a really useful point to consider if you are looking to measure the value of social to your business.

    Enjoyed the interview and virtual cheese fest!
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  • Minter Dial

    Mr Waite is full of great insights… Thanks for coming by @CL_Constable