Interview with @BrianSolis on the Inescapable Digital Transformation

Minter Dialogue #48

Brian Solis, The Myndset Digital Marketing and Brand strategyThis interview is with Brian Solis, author of Engage!, The End of Business as Usual as Conversation Prism v 3.0, The Myndset Digital marketing and brand strategywell as the marvelous Conversation Prism (right, and now in its third version). In this podcast, recorded in Paris ahead of the Innovation Napoleon conference I am hosting with Brian, we discuss a wide range of topics including digital darwinism, the ultimate moment of truth (“UMOT”), his upcoming book WTF (“What’s the Future?“), shareholder value and the challenges businesses are facing the inescapable digital transformation, as well as what leaders should take away from the Steve Jobs’ biography.  I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation.  Don’t hesitate to drop in your thoughts!  You can sign up to the Minter Dialogue podcast here via iTunes.

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  • @gilbertoegil

    Brian, I so appreciate what you do. As always, a masterclass for web lovers. Digital darwinism is now officially a part of my lexicon. :)

    • @gilbertoegil

      Oh and myndset, thanks for posting. You now have a new follower.

      • Minter Dial

        Many thanks for coming by! Be the change and the survivor! :)

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  • Anne P. Booth

    I will use that picture as a reference for our growing clients. The more social media and multi-media platforms we engage and work with, the better for our brand-building. Digital marketing is more than advertising, we must living and breathing entities.
    My recent post The Growth of Facebook as a Social Media Marketing Tool

  • @DigiCoachHouse

    We really enjoyed listening to this interview. Many of the themes validate our experience working with clients in this field and one (insightful) comment we made note of was "You can't make an argument through technology to somebody who doesn't understand it." Here's to keeping digital transformation relevant, relatable and all about business outcomes!

    • Minter Dial

      It's sort of like trying to know what you don't know exists.

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