How brands need to transform to succeed [video]

Convictions of a brand marketer

Minter Dial Film by Red Sky Vision, The Myndset Digital Marketing Brand StrategyThis 3″43 film was produced by filmmaker, Robin Block, of Red Sky Vision, in conjunction with Simply Communicate, ahead of a keynote speech I made at the IABC Conference in Paris (22 October 2012). In this film, I talk about my convictions about how management needs to embody the change they want to see happen in the organization. I also speak about how brands need to “be” in the way they communicate across all the channels and to the different stakeholders (clients, current and future employees and shareholders). I discuss what needs to happen inside organizations for digital marketing to succeed, and how employees need to be truly aligned de facto to the brand’s values. It’s what Robin call’s a Signature Profile.

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    Independent film producers are demonstrating that the key studios no longer are the only real judges of what the populace want. If you happen to add to that distribution online and news reports internet pages, from rumor to entire films. This is a totally new society. Much of it wonderful, some not.